RSR005 – Russell Wolff – Producer, Songwriter, Musician, Funny Dude

Russell Wolff
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RSR005 - Russell Wolff - Producer, Songwriter, Musician, Funny Dude

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My guest today is a self described “Musical Octopus” and Harvard graduate, Russell Wolff, is a recording/touring artist, and producer of over 30 albums. He got his start in New York City working in Theatre before beginning his career in audio. Russell is an ASCAP member, a voting member of the Grammy’s, a multi-instrumentalist, and a DJ and live sound mixer. Throughout his career he’s worked with the talented acts of Martina McBride, LL Cool J, and has worked on albums under Atlantic Records.


While Russell was attending Harvard, he released six albums. More recently, Russell completed the 365 Project, where he wrote a song each day for a full year. The project was started to help lift the spirits of a close friend, Dana, who was diagnosed with a terminal illness.

During Project 365 “There was no such thing as a song that was a bad idea.”

-Russell Wolff

One of the cool resources Russell shared is: Entertainment Legal Aid in Nashville

In Nashville, there is an entertainment Legal Aid Society for people in the industry of low income. Also there is a society through Music Cares and the Grammy association that provides volunteer legal aid for the arts, that will provide you with a lawyer and discuss contract negotiation with you, and also represent you if you’re sued.

Some great quotes from Russell:

"We are responsible for our own success"

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"Fear is large portion of why people don’t achieve their goals"

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"Any day can be your last and nothing is guaranteed, so do what you can to make the most out of every day" 

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Screw up! It’s the best way to learn. It’s essential to life. 

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Jam Session

Q: Do you have anything that was an inspirational quote about making music?

A: There is no right or wrong way to do something (more like a concept than a quote)

Q: Can you share an important failure or setback in your career that turned out to be a great lesson?

A: Every record I ever made. They’re all failures and they’re all successes.

Q:Tell us about a moment of success that felt like a “hit” moment for you.

A: Opening for Moxy Fruvous in 1999 and the crowd sing along to my songs by the first verse.

Q:Tell us something you’re excited about right now in recording, making records, or your music career.

A: Branching out internationally, with work in Israel, Europe, and Africa

Q: Do you have any advice for anyone interested in making records in other countries?

A: Really get to know people in your community, then your region, state, etc.

Q: What was holding you back at the beginning of your career in music?

A: Fear. Everything was fear based.

Q: What was some of the best advice you received starting out or advice you’d give to someone who’s just starting?

A: Don’t listen to anyone. Listen to the loudest, most passionate voice in your head.

Q: What recording tip hack or “secret sauce” would you like to share?

A: Don’t over-compress, especially when you’re just starting out. There is no secret sauce. Don’t use secret sauce. Use your ears and use your brain.

Q: Do you have a favorite book you’ve been reading that you’d like to share?

A: Sadly, I can’t focus on a book enough to read. On shorthand, TapeOp

Q: Do you have a favorite hardware tool to use in the studio?

A: This cheap chain of mics into an API pre, then into an ART VLA II compressor, into a Behringer V-Verb Pro REV2496 reverb.

Q: Do you have a favorite software tool?

A: My UAD plugins

Q: Can you share a resource for the business side of the recording studio?

A: Write everything down. Everything.

Q: If you were dropped in a strange city and you could only take a simple setup to record, what would you choose, how would you find people to record, and how would you make ends meet?

A: I’d take a UA Apollo Twin, a Miktek CV3, a laptop with Pro Tools, a guitar and a small keyboard. I’d probably go to the middle of town every night and see where the musicians are. I’d play music in the middle of town with a guitar cases for donations

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