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Danny Wyatt

RSR066 – Danny Wyatt – EDM and Mix Master Wyatt Academy


RSR066 – Danny Wyatt – EDM and Mix Master Wyatt Academy

My guest today is Danny Wyatt, a multi-platinum, Grammy and Emmy nominated audio engineer with credits from Ultra Records to Old Dirty Bastard to Norah Jones, and one of the most influential mixing and mastering instructors and course designers. In the last decade he taught over 1,000 producers and audio engineers how to mix and master modern styles of music from deep house, minimal techno, and trance to hip hop, trap, dubstep, and drum’n’bass. Many of his students have had their tracks hit the iTunes and Beatport charts.

After teaching at SAE and DubSpot, a school for budding DJ producers, he went on to launch his own school, the Mix Master Wyatt Academy, where you can learn everything about composition, production, mixing, and mastering from the basics all the way to advanced. 

If you are ready to get serious with your EDM production then check out: Mixmaster Wyatt Academy


Use Coupon Code: RSR10 for 10% off any course!

Cool stuff we talked about on the show:

  • Recording with Gladys Night, Steve Windwood, Curtis Mayfield, Lenny Kravitz, Whitney Houston, Bruce Springstein, Eric Clapton, The Isley Bros, Branford Marsalis, Aretha Franklin, BB King, Rod Stewart, Phil Collins, Stevie Wonder, and Elton John.
  • Mos Def, Talib Kweli, and Sound Bombing records.
  • The origins of BackPacker Hip Hop
  • Why organic sounds will make a comeback in production.
  • The evolution of Hop Hop production and mixing.
  • Why Hip Hop sounds different today.
  • “Once while mastering I accidentally made someones jazz album mono. And it got released like that!” Danny Wyatt
  • How what we aspire to in production is a bit like being in middle school.
  • Why getting rid of the bad is the best way to get to the good in mixing.
  • Big Room is the new one and its replacing Progressive House. But then theres minimal and theres Techno. And theres Tech House, and theres Deep House. Theres Tropical House…
  • Why Dubstep sounds like Transformers having sex!
  • How to get big bass in EDM
  • How to get loud mixes in EDM
  • How to get the pumping breathing sound for EDM.
  • Beset practices for multiband saturation.

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Meghan Gohil

RSR065 – Meghan Gohil – From Live Sound to Studio, Recording with Lij Shaw

RSR065 – Meghan Gohil – From Live Sound to Studio, Recording with Lij Shaw

My guest today is Meghan Gohil, a producer, engineer, musician, studio and record label owner in Hollywood CA. He has been recording for longer than I have and the reason I know is that Meghan was who recorded my first college band in St Louis called Dr Seuss. When I first got started recording with my four track Meghan was the expert that I turned to for advice and microphones. He recorded many projects with me over the next couple of decades. Our first big release was for my band Enormous Richard, “Enormous Richard’s Almanac” a twangy alt country band from St Louis. We recorded 30 songs live to cassette in a basement in Granite City IL and went on to sell and distribute several thousand copies, nearly landing a record deal in the process.

That was followed by Enormous Richard “Answers All Your Questions” our first CD release. Then later we renamed ourselves Eleanor Roosevelt and made “Walker With His Head Down”  with Meghan for his college audio program at Webster University where he studied under Barry Hufker, and Bill Porter who recorded Elvis, Roy Orbison, and The Everly Brothers.

After that was another basement record. “Warm Milk On The Porch.” on 8 track cassette. And finally our band break up record aptly named “Crumbling In The Rain” which was live to two track digital tape, known as DAT tape, without headphones from the livingroom of his big old wooden house. (Like many band break ups we got back together later to make more records) I’m sure I am forgetting to mention many other sessions, but we can get to that during the interview.

Meghan moved from St Louis to Hollywood in the 2000’s to further his recording and music career, and has gone on to record with many greats including: Cure co-founder Lol Tolhurst’s band, Levinhurst, Trey Anastasio of Phish, Jack Johnson with the Animal Liberation Orchestra, Phil Lesh & Joan Osbourne, Digable Planets, and Michael Frante to name a few.

For 20 years Meghan has maintained a dual career in radio promotions, and career development & management working with many independant artists. He worked as the Project Manager at Contemporary Productions in St. Louis, SFX Entertainment, and Clear Channel Concerts.  And He’s also consulted for AEG Live and Emery Entertainment.  

Currently, he records from his home studio which you can check out at,  and works as a Strategy and Analytics Manager at Live Nation Entertainments Amphitheater division..

Cool stuff we talked about on the show:

  • The benefits of starting out in live sound.
  • Why you should keep a two track running during the whole session!
  • How not to setup a PA…
  • How to use scene changes to make your mix more interesting.
  • The single most important thing to learn starting out in a studio?
  • Why you should always copyright your songs!
  • The importance of release forms.
  • How to use speakers instead of headphones for overdubbing.
  • My first band house was a mortuary! Hear the stories.
  • How a recording session can be more important than a stolen car!
  • How to break into touring with your band.
  • Which plugin is like having a Dalek mix your song?
  • What are the sweet spots for mixing levels: kick drums & speaker volume.

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Warren Huart

RSR064 – Warren Huart – Produce Like A Pro

RSR064 – Warren Huart – Produce Like A Pro

My guest today is Warren Huart, a producer, songwriter, and multi instrumentalist based in Los Angeles. Warren is the creator of a highly prolific Youtube channel, and audio learning website called Produce Like A Pro, where he teaches you how to record and produce music through tutorial videos, interviews, studio tours, and a dedicated membership site.


(This is my affiliate link for Produce Like A Pro. If you click it and later decide to purchase any of the great courses there I will get a commission for the referral. There is no additional cost to using the affiliate link, same prices. This is a great way to help fund all the hard work that goes into the podcast and RSR. So I thank you in advance for checking it out!)

Warren has been a part of many platinum selling and billboard charting albums over his 20 year career, and has participated in the development of a number of successful artists’ careers. Some of Warren’s credits include: Ace Frehley, Areosmith, James Blunt, Marc Broussard, The Muppets, The Thrills, The Fray, Better Than Ezra, and Vintage Trouble.

Cool stuff we talked about on the show:

  • Growing up with A Sailboat.
  • iPhone vs. Android for music making, and portable recording.
  • The value of limitations in the studio, and what we can learn from the Bauhaus school of design.
  • What we can learn from Malcolm Gladwell’s best selling book, Outliers.
  • How to get the best drum sound ever in your small room studio.
  • The secret snare sound of The Fray, Aerosmith, Nirvana, Mettalica, and many of the great hits from the 90s era records.
  • We discussed the great drummer, Dave Mattocks of Fairport Convention, recording with Glyn Johns.
  • Warren listed some top drum kits you might consider for your studio.
  • ADATS, SMPTE, and MIDI the all caps hat trick!
  • We also talked about many great bands and their production strategies: Aerosmith, Nirvana, The Fray, Led Zeppelin, The Beatles, Jack Douglas, Metallica.
  • Slate Virtual Microphone System, and Mesanovic.
’@WarrenHuart @producelikeapro”]

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john jaszcz

RSR063 – John Jaszcz The Yoshman – Recording Funk with Bootsy Collins & Funkadelic

RSR063 – John Jaszcz The Yoshman – Recording Funk with Bootsy Collins & Funkadelic

My guest today is John Jaszcz, aka the Yoshman. He is a multi Grammy and Dove awarded mixer, engineer, and producer. He is well known for his work in Nashville with gospel, country, Christian contemporary, and rock artists and will sometimes have multiple songs on the top of the charts at the same time. His mixing credits have included Billy Ray Cyrus, Roberta Flack, Donna Summer, Wynonna Judd, John Michael Montgomery, and Collective Soul to name just a few.

But Yosh got his start far north of Nashville in Detroit MI where he learned how to record and mix under the gurus of funk like Bootsy Collins, Parliament/Funkadelic, George Clinton, Roger Troutman, Sly Stone, and Zapp. And it was through his work there with Gospel great Fred Hammond of Commissioned, and the legendary Thomas Whitfield that Yosh ultimately made his connection to Nashville and then moved here to grow his career.

I met Yosh recently through our mutual friend Carl Tatz, who was also a guest on the show in RSR050.

Cool stuff we talked about on the show:

  • Recording Bootsy Collins with an Ovation acoustic guitar.
  • Recording Atomic Dog, George Clinton, Sly Stone, and Funkadelic.
  • The origin of the Talkbox with Pete Drake and the Talking Steel.
  • How Bootsy Collins would record his bass and why they used three tracks!
  • Sly Stone and the most challenging sessions of Yosh’s career.
  • How to get a funky kick and snare in your mix.
  • The importance of bass pocket, and the important difference between Meters style funk, and Funkadelic groove.
  • Pro and cons of multing microphones for live recording.
  • Neve, Summit, Fab Filter, and plugin chains for your stereo mix buss.
  • Using Invoice Pro, and what can we learn from financial guru Dave Ramsey in the studio?

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Robin Eaton

RSR062 – Robin Eaton – Alex The Great & Club Roar Studios

RSR062 – Robin Eaton – Alex The Great & Club Roar Studios

My guest today is Robin Eaton, a songwriter, producer, poet, and artist from Nashville TN. He owns his own studio, Club Roar, and is also co-owner of Alex The Great recording with Brad Jones who was my guest on episode 34.

Beginning as a songwriter and artist signed to Warner France and then Ze-Island records in NYC, He was also in the original Broadway production of Hair. After moving to Nashville in the 80s and building Alex The Great, Robin went on to co write and produce Jill Sobule’s self titled record with the hit single “I Kissed A Girl” about ten years before Katy Perry’s song of the same title.

In 2005 Robin and I co produced The Spinto Band’s Nice And Nicely Done, and then later KS Rhoads Dead Language. Some of his other credits include: Butterfly Boucher, Tim Easton, Tommy Womack, Lion Limb, Swan Dive, and Mary Kate Oneil. But more importantly Robin is my mentor. He took me in and showed me how to make records at Alex The Great, and has been a creative inspiration and friend to me for 20 years. He even officiated at my wedding!

Cool stuff we talked about on the show:

  • Getting a record label deal in France and NYC in the 1970s.
  • Mixing at Trident Studios in London.
  • Mixing at Electric Ladyland in NYC.
  • Advice for writing songs and keeping notebooks.
  • Cowriting with Jill Sobule.
  • How to get simple cool drums sounds in the studio.
  • Recording prepared piano.
  • The changing music scene of Nashville TN.

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Joe Baldridge

RSR061 – Joe Baldridge – Multi Grammy Winning Producer & Engineer, Taylor Swift, Keith Urban, Dierks Bentley

RSR061 – Joe Baldridge – Multi Grammy Winning Producer & Engineer, Taylor Swift, Keith Urban, Dierks Bentley

My guest today is Joe Baldridge, a producer, and multi Grammy winning and number 1 charting engineer with over 25 years experience in production, recording, mixing, artist management and brand and artist development. Joe has over 300 album credits on And he has received a nomination for 2014 “Record of the Year” for his work on Taylor Swift’s RED, and won a Dove award for production work with Toby Mac.

Joe also teaches at Belmont University right here in Nashville having joined the Audio Engineering Technology department at the Mike Curb College Of Entertainment & Music Business as an adjunct in 2010, and as Full time Lecturer in 2013.

Joe brings to teaching his creative experience from working with such artist as Kelly Clarkson, Keith Urban, Eli Young Band, Jake Owen, Dierks Bentley, Toby Mac, Taylor Swift, the Newsboys, Brooks and Dunn, and Third Day to name just a few.

Cool stuff we talked about on the show:

  • Nashville’s progressions toward rock.
  • How the iPhone changed pop music from guitar based to synth based.
  • Amplifying the drums during tracking.
  • Setting up live vocal fx, and delay spins during tracking.
  • Minimize your use of plugins during tracking.
  • The secret to hit mixes in one minute.
  • The importance of working with great artists.
  • How to get low end right from Humberto Gatica.
  • How to pan your instrument and avoid using plugins.
  • How to build your bit bit all the elements together.
  • The importance of starting out in a musical hub whether physical location for online resource.
  • The best way to mic a guitar with two mics.
  • The differences between Pro Tools, Logic Pro, Studio One, Steindberg Nuendo, and Ableton Live.
  • Why you should comp your time for an up and coming band.



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Fab Dupont

RSR058 – Fab Dupont – Flux Studios &


Fab Dupont is a multi Grammy nominated writer, producer, mixer, and teacher. He is owner of FLUX studios in New York, where he has worked with many great artists like Queen Latifah, Jennifer Lopez, Isaac Hayes, Shakira, Santigold, Mark Ronson, Les Nubians,Toots And The Maytals, Bon Jovi, Marc Anthony, Sean Lennon, John Travolta, Babyface, Nat King Cole, Bebel Gilberto to name just a few.

Fab has taken his many years of recording and mixing experience to co-found, an audio tutorial website dedicated to learning what is not in the manual.

And for you Rockstars Ive got a great deal! Use the link below and the coupon code for 10% off anything at PureMix. & Use coupon code: RockstarPM10


Some of things Fab and I discussed on the show:

  • Growing up playing saxophone.
  • Living and recording in NYC.
  • The challenges of running a full production studio.
  • Creating PureMix
  • How to get your low end just right when mixing.
  • How to get the ultimate Hip Hop kick drum sound.
  • The secret to getting a killer vocal mix.

Or you can start your mix training with Lij Shaw for free at

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RSR057 – Nick Devan – G.E.D. Soul Records

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RSR007 - David Glenn - The Mix Academy

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RSR057 - Nick Devan - G.E.D. Soul Records

My guest today is Nick Devan, a drummer, producer, mixer, and lover of old school soul music. In 2007 he started G.E.D. Soul Records with Dave Singleton, which allows him to write, record, and play drums for the label. He also owns and operates Poor Man Studio in Madison, TN.

Nick Currently performs with Magic in Threes, who are currently recording, mixing, and releasing a song every week in 2016. He also plays with DeRobert & the Half-Truths who have just added the new singer, Du'Juan Mandell.

I was first introduced to Nick a couple of years ago when I reached out through Craigslist to hire him not for his drumming skills, but for his impeccable lawn service skills! In fact I was only introduced to his music later when he called in to quit one day, saying the yard work was too tough on his wrists which he needed for his drumming.

The following week as I was begrudgingly hauling brush around my back yard I thought the least I could do was check out Nick’s music while I worked. So I texted him to ask his band name. I then cued up Magic In Threes on Spotify and it instantly became the only thing I wanted to listen to all week. I’m talking about the kind of excitement when you hear something new and feel like you’ve finally found the music you’ve been looking for! Deep funky soul grooves that sounds completely like the real deal.

Only in Nashville right? The grass is now up to my knees and the hedges out front look like fourth of July fireworks. But man I don’t care, I just don’t care, because I am chilling to a new groove called Nick Devan the grass man.

“You can get a publicist and really hype something up, but it won’t grow legs unless it’s a good record” - Nick Devan

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How Did You Start Your Own Label?

We were doing a radio show when it started. Dave and I had a radio show at MTSU doing the GED Soul Review, just spinnin records. There’s the defunk program here in town that Doyle Davis runs, we were really inspired by him; he’s been on for years and years. It was just a funk and soul format radio show and we had a couple bands that formed out of that. Dave’s usually played bass and I’ve usually played drums. We were pressing our records ourselves and getting them distributed by someone else. Really I’ve always kinda said, “All you have to do to start a label is put the name on a record and you’ve created a label.” That really was as simple as it was when we started and we’ve learned a whole lot as we’ve gone along

After Creating a Label What Are the Next Steps?

Well we were doing it in a way where we were producing and recording pretty much everything instrumentally and just getting singers. In that instance all you need to do is get your singer and you can kind of invent your band. Later on we got the Coolant System, AJ and the Jiggawatts, and Oliver James, so we’ve had other artists who were self-contained outside of what we do. We started off just doing 45’s. We did about 6 of those before we did a full length album and now we’re on our 12th full length. When we started off doing 45s in 2007 digital was starting but it wasn’t what it is now. Now we go for every outlet we possibly can and digital is definietly a good portion of income for us.

“Every record I get out is a success” - Nick Devan

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What Was Your Business Model?

We never took out a loan. Dave and I, for the first 45’s, would both just throw in and sell them so it was just an investment for us. We did it where we paid for ourselves. Once we did do a kickstarter campaign and we got the money. It was helpful, but the three records we had out didn’t sell quite as well as we wanted, but that’s with any label. Even if you think you have a “sure thing” sometimes it doesn’t work, and vice versa. Sometimes you think you don’t have anything and it starts rollin’.

“Even if you think you have a “sure thing” sometimes it doesn’t work” - Nick Devan

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How Do You Tell If A Record Is Doing Well?

First it has to be really good. You can get a publicist and really hype something up, but it won’t grow legs unless it’s a good record. Because if it’s really good it’s easier to catch a buzz about it. You have to show it to everybody. Sometimes you don’t want to show it because you don’t want to hear what people have to say about it. But even in the mixing process I’ve found that to be so crucial, I’ll show anybody and even if they say they like it, you can visually see if they’re feeling it or not.

Jam Session 

Q- What was holding you back at the start?
A -Definitely lack of gear. At that time I was running a couple mins and really had a poor setup, but it’s really built from there.

Q- What was some of the best advice you got early on?
A - I think using what you have has gone a long way with me because you could really wait forever for the right scenario of any recording and you really just got to get it out there and do it and make the best of it. Make the best of every recording that you do, I feel like that’s how you get to where you want to be is by just starting somewhere no matter how little you know about it.

“Make the best of every recording that you do” - Nick Devan

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Q - Q- Share with us a recording tip, hack, or secret sauce.
 Delay! Get a reel to reel tape machine and use it for your delay or even mixing down for that going back into ProTools, that could have a huge impact on your sound. Another one is the Auratone. Get yourself and Auratone and mix in mono and really listen to a lot of music on it.

Q -Share a favorite hardware tool for the studio
 Having a couple nice instruments around! I love the Rhodes that we have here. I feel like the one thing a lot of studios don’t have now is a real piano and you can get those for free! Just look at craigslist and get a free piano and get it tuned up! I personally hate digital piano. I feel like on the digital side they can do a pretty good everything except for horns and piano. That Unidyne 57 is very useful as well if you want an old school sound that sounds great into ProTools as well.

“I think every small labels biggest problem is money” - Nick Devan

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Q -Share with us a tip for the business side of the recording studio

A - Google Docs is one of the coolest things businesses have available for any business now because you used to have to pay a lot of money for those excel and word programs and now they’re offering it free and it's all cloud based, worry free. Beyond that if you put out 15 releases and they have artists and you try to think about the royalty calculations and they differ for digital and physical and individual songs with different writers, that gets very complicated very quickly. So we started using Label Worx, we started using the Royalty Worx section of it. It’s set up so great you can get everybody on it, put the information in in a simple format and it gets rid of all that complicated stuff.

Q - If you had to start over what gear would you need?

A - I feel like especially now the analog equipment is your best investment. I would say get an 8 track Tascam machine and some sort of analog machine if you’re going that route. If you’re going ProTools get a nice converter, preamp and a mic and you’re on your way.

“They say the two things that set the time period of the song is the vocal and snare sound” - Nick Devan

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Q- If you could go back and give yourself advice for when you were starting out, what’s the single most important thing you would tell yourself about becoming a rockstar of the recording studio?

A- I wish I hadn’t focused so much on getting gear, I really liked my first setup. I’ve still got the Tascam 8 track machine and I had this Tascam board that sounded great and I could have really kept on going with that for a long time. I felt like sometimes I would really focus on moving on with the gear when I really should’ve focused on making more music with what I had. You don’t really have a perspective for that until you put music out. Stick with your gut, for sure.

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Big Thanks to Tyler Cuidon & Merissa Marx for this week's episode!!