RSR087 – Chris Selim – 9 Tips For Recording, Mixing, And Producing Clients Remotely

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Chris Selim is a musician, music producer and recording/mixing engineer. Chris is renowned for his work in the French Christian music industry, having produced and mixed artists globally in Canada, USA, France, Belgium and Switzerland. Chris has mixed and produced more than 75 albums over the past fourteen years. And remarkably works remotely with many of these artists over the internet from his home recording studio near Montreal, Canada.

Chris’ credits include: Canadian Christian Artist, Lianna Klassen, a Covenant Award winner (Canadian version of the Dove Awards) and Juno nominee. and French Christian Artists Impact, Seb Demrey, Luc Dumont, Andreanne, and Peggy Polito to name a few…

Chris is also the creator of Mixdown.Online , a resource website and Youtube channel designed to help you with your music production, recording and mixing skills through cool tutorial videos and blog articles.

"Always think of the mix when you're arranging, and when you're recording." @iamchrisselim

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"Don't spend on equipment based on your emotions." @iamchrisselim

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