RSR090 – Joe Costa – Recording Ben Folds And William Shatner

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Hear stories about recording William Shatner, drums, piano, and acoustic guitar in RCA Studio A.

Joe Costa is a freelance engineer/mixer in Nashville, TN, originally from Dartmouth MA. A graduate of Berklee College Of Music, Joe started out at Syncro Sound in Boston before moving to Nashville in 1993. Since then, he has worked in many great studios like: Treasure Isle, House Of David, and RCA Studio A (Now Ben’s Place), and with many great artists, producers, and engineers through his career like: Tom Harding, William Shatner and Joe Baldridge (episode 61), and also for more than a decade with Ben Folds.

Joe’s credits include Amanda Palmer, Elizabeth Cook, Lyle Lovett, Sara Bareilles, Ben Folds, and William Shatner (Yup… that William Shatner!), among many others.

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Little Javelina (RCA "A")

"If the musicians are awesome, and the arrangements are great, your job is way easier." @costa71

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"Roll the tape and sit on your hands." @costa71

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