RSR099 – Top 10 Audio Bloggers Best Of Summer NAMM Breakdown 2017

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10 bloggers unite for a Rockstar's Roundtable at the Toy Box Studio to tell stories about Summer NAMM 2017.

We have a pretty exciting show this week! I had a great group of audio bloggers, podcasters, and YouTubers staying as guests at my studio, The Toy Box Studio. We threw together a live YouTube webinar where we had a Rockstar's Roundtable and gave our 10 best takes of Summer NAMM 2017. Join Dane Myers, Chris Graham, Pete Woj, Warren Huart, Chris Selim, Joe Gilder, Brian Hood, Glenn Fricker, and I as we tell stories about the Summer National Association of Music Merchants 2017!

Check Out the Live YouTube Webinar

Here are some great NAMM videos from my friends Chris Selim and Pete Woj too!

Links to people and places we talked about during Summer NAMM 2017:

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