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Announcing the Official Release of Skadoosh!

9 Kickass Tunes by Lij Shaw & Corey Siegle

Includes the theme song to Recording Studio Rockstars! "Black Sabotage"


Get The Rockstars Early Discount!

ONLY $5.00

  • You get downloadable MP3 format
  • You also get hi res re mastered files ​as soon as they are available!
  • This really helps me keep Recording Studio Rockstars alive and well. So I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your support!

Please help me reach 100 sales!

When we reach 100 sales I am going to giveaway all these cool things in a random drawing:

  • 5 x The complete set of multi tracks for Skadoosh!
  • 3 x Copies of the Mix Master Deluxe. This will be the deep dive video series for the mix of Black Sabotage. (coming soon)
  • 2 x Skadoosh! T-Shirts when they are ready. You will be looking crazy stylish!

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john jaszcz
Mark Huss
Pilot Gav
Carl Albrecht
Kris Peterson

I want to see this band live!!

Like the New Mastersounds of Rock! Great Rock instrumentals with very hooky guitars. The guitar tones are amazing! The groove on Holy Zeppl... I mean Blimp blows me away!

I'm so psyched to finally get to hear Black Sabotage all the way through. :)

Great bunch of songs, although I notice you subscribe to the "Ramones" school of song length!

Hope you sell a bunch...


SO proud of you brother! I loved the tunes!! You layer guitars nicely! And you have a very signature sound!


THIS IS AWESOME! THIS ABSOLUTELY ROCKS! Reference guitartones everywhere! MAN!!! it really sounds like a LOT OF FUN!

This is a real badass rock record!

Count me in on T-Shirts!



Greetz from good ol germany,


The album is a blast all the way through. Catchy and fun, it isn't possible to listen to the album without being in a better mood than before it started.

A little bluesy, a lot of bounce. Poppy instrumental jams that could be the theme songs to the best cartoons you've never seen. Pure fun.

ONLY $5.00

If you are not 100% satisfied with Skadoosh! Then email me within 14 days, and I will personally return your money, and you can keep the MP3s. I only want you to keep it if you love the record, and want to support Recording Studio Rockstars!

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