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Thanks so much for joining us for ROCKSTARS OF MIXING I had such a blast! And really enjoyed having you there too.

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Hey Lij,

I wanted to thank you again for the mixing clinic this weekend! I learned so much, and actually was able to implement some of the techniques yesterday. I got an invite to audition for a band in town, and got the raw instrumental tracks. I wrote lyrics/vocals and tracked those over the music. I was able to get my vocals to sit MUCH better in the mix, so THANK YOU! I have a million miles to go, but damn it, I love it man. I also listened to your podcast this morning... Super inspirational, and really informative. I'm hooked for sure!

Thanks again man for all you do, and for giving a glimpse under the hood to burgeoning engineers such as myself.



Jones Nelson

The "Mix Clinic" helped me realize that a lot of the technics I use in my own studio is right on the money. Great to know for someone that works alone and hasn't received any formal training. I must say that some of the material is very deep and will require much more thought and replays...

I watched the "Virtual Mix Clinic Webinar" one week after the real deal in Nashville. I must say Lij, you and Josh hit a homerun with the "Mix Clinic"! It's so cool! While watching, it felt like I was right there hanging out with the big dogs! So much information stuffed inside the 8 hour block of training. Great bang for the buck! This is a must see for any "Recording Studio Rockstar" wanting to take their recordings to the next level. Highly recommended!!! Mike Dillon 54W

Mike Dillon