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Lij Shaw is an award-winning, chart breaking music and podcast producer, recording engineer, and owner of a Grammy awarded recording studio, TheToyBoxStudio.com in East Nashville TN.  

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100+ million Americans listen to podcasts monthly.
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  • 79% of Americans familiar with podcasts. 
  • For context, 21% of Americans are Catholic. Thus, podcast listening is more common than Catholicism in the United States.
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  • New research from Edison finds that 85% of listeners hear the entire show, or most of it.
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16% have an annual household income of $150K or more, compared to 10% of the general U.S. population.  

*Statistics are from Edison Research.

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Some of our sponsors:

OWC: The miniStack STX is the World’s First Thunderbolt™ 4 Certified Storage and Hub expander, perfectly sized to seamlessly stack with the Mac mini. Find the miniStack STX and all your storage needs at macsales.com/rockstars

Spectra1964: The secret to great bass in your mix is to start with a great recording. The BB-DI is the best-sounding bass DI I have ever used. “It’ll move your pant leg!” No Hype, No Color, Just Pure Tone at Spectra1964.com

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What Our Sponsors Think 

Lij has a dedicated audience who love and trust him. I've been amazed at how enthusiastic his fans have been when they have reached out to me after hearing him promote my services on his podcast!

Chris Graham Mastering

Sponsor with over 1500 clients each year

I actually picked up a matched pair of the Mini K47 based off of that podcast episode, which was easily one of the most informative episodes of the RSRockstar podcast. Mic selection was a super mystical concept before that episode, so thanks for that! I love the Mini K47! I’ve only had the opportunity to use it on one session so far, but it really shined on overheads in my space.

Douglas Heckman

 Rockstar turned customer for one of our sponsors 

When I got in touch with Lij about promoting the DirtMic-01, he loved the concept of the mic and suggested doing a giveaway which was a perfect fit for my budget. He set everything up very quickly and rolled out a super organized social media campaign which blew me away with its ingenuity. As soon as the giveaway started I was seeing instant results in page subscriptions and my brand awareness jumped right up in a way I couldn't achieve by myself. Lij also produced some great video content based on my product and worked ceaselessly in the background to push the campaign along. It has been a great pleasure to work with Lij and RSRockstars and I will do so again in the future.

  • Youtube Subscriptions increased by 633%
  • Youtube views increased by 115%
  • Facebook Followers increased by 145%
  • Twitter Followers increased by 141%
  • So that was a Total Increase in Social Media Interactions During the Giveaway of 258%
  • DirtMic Sales increased by 210%

Al Smith, DrAlienSmith

Microphone Company and Giveaway Sponsor

Your podcast is a solid motivating factor for me. Very much appreciated and I thank you for it! I’m definitely ready to rock!

p.s. and just to let you know, I have recently purchased Sonarworks Reference 4 Headphone Edition and I went through OWC to upgrade the SSD in my laptop. The email tags worked on me!

Tom S.

Rockstar turned sponsor customer

Yours is one podcast where I don't mind so much hearing the promotions of products you get payed to sponsor. The main reason is that you have had most, if not all of them on the podcast and I can hear the sincerity, humility and how down to earth these small manufacturers are. It give me trust in them and your promotion of them. 

Duncan M.

Rockstar in Tasmania

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