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"Lij has a dedicated audience who love and trust him. I've been amazed at how enthusiastic his fans have been when they have reached out to me after hearing him promote my services on his podcast." - Chris Graham Mastering (over 1500 clients a year)

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Thanks to our sponsors!

ROSWELL PRO AUDIO: Roswell Pro Audio is a boutique microphone company based in the wine country of northern California. These hand crafted microphones provide a distinctive sound, and a level of performance normally associated with far more expensive devices. Now you can get the rich quality of a big studio mic vintage sound on a home studio budget. Make your best record ever with Roswell.

CHRIS GRAHAM MASTERING: Chris Graham has mastered thousands of songs and has charted on Billboard in multiple genres. Every mastering project includes a free video mix consultation because he knows that the better a mix sounds before mastering, the better it will sound after mastering. Go to today and get your free sample started and your record finally finished!

MIKTEK AUDIO: Miktek’s proprietary capsules feature ultra thin Mylar diaphragms with evaporated gold and are manufactured to tight tolerances for unparalleled quality. Precise machining of the backplates, along with careful consideration of internal acoustic properties, assures the pristine performance of every microphone. Literally the only mic used on this podcast for nearly 100 episodes and 350k downloads. Thanks for helping us get to #1 in iTunes!

Tegeler Audio Manufaktur - Tegeler Audio Manufaktur has the mission of bringing the highest quailty analog audio gear to musicians and producers everywhere at an affordable price. The founder Michael Krusch has taken a unique approach by designing hi quality analog gear that you can control digitally from within your DAW. Check out the complete line of compressors, eqs, and fx processors all remote controllable by your DAW plugin: "By musicians for musicians!"

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