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RSR010 – Bobby Owsinski – 101 Mixing Tricks

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RSR010 - Bobby Owsinski - 101 Mixing Tricks

My guest today is Bobby Owsinski, a producer, mixer, podcaster, and author.

Bobby has a long list of credits that include Surround Mixing for household names like: The Who, Thin Lizzy, Todd Rungren, Dead Kennedys, Mel Tormé, The Kinks, and Pantera. Bobby’s production credits include Amon Tobin, Gerry Groom, Mick Taylor, and Joe Houston to name a few. And he recently produced and mixed the #2 album on the Billboard Blues chart, The Adrian Marie Blues Project.

Bobby is a prolific author, and has written 23 books that are now staples in audio recording, music, and music business programs in colleges around the world, including the best selling:

Mixing Engineer’s Handbook

The Recording Engineer’s Handbook

Music 4.0: A Survival Guide For Making Music In The Internet Age 

His podcast, Bobby Owsinski’s Inner Circle, is one of my favorites. He shares tips and insights for musicians about recording and the state of the music industry followed by interviews with many of the great minds in music production.

Check out some of Bobby's most popular books on Amazon:

Click on a cover below!

Bobby Owsinski - The Mixing Engineer's Handbook
Bobby Owsinski - The Recording Engineer's Handbook
Music 4.1 by Bobby Owsinski

Music 4.1 by Bobby Owsinski - A Survival Guide For Music In The Internet Age

Bobby has also created the ultimate resource to help you to take your mixes to the next level! (and a special coupon below)

101 Mixing Tricks - Big Studio Tricks for the Small Studio

Have you ever wanted to get your mixes to sound as good as the pro's mixes?

Frustrated with the limitations of his own mixing Bobby decided it was time to learn from the best. So he interviewed the top A-List mixers from New York to Los Angeles and created the ultimate collection of mixing tricks that you can use right now to take your mixes to the next level.

" it suddenly dawned on me that every mixer had a bag of tricks that he’d regularly dip into to make a mix element more interesting."

Bobby Owsinski's 101 Mixing Tricks course contains those tricks, and you’ll be able to use them to make your mixes bigger, fatter, rounder, slicker and more rocking then you ever thought.

Bobby has generously offered a discount for you Rockstars! Just use the code RSRPOD at checkout for $50 off of 101 Mixing Tricks!

Jam Session:

Q: What was something holding you back?

A: Ego. I hate to say it, but thinking I was better than I was. It’s a big slap of reality when you find out how good you are.

"I knew all best mixers in LA and NY. So I went and interviewed all of them!" @bobbyowsinski 

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Q: What was some of the best advice you received early on?

A: Distance equals depth. Basically if you move mic back from the source, it will sound bigger. (Learned from Eddie Kramer)

"If You Can Make Things Work On 8 Tracks, Then You Can Do Anything." @bobbyowsinski

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Q: Recording tip, hack or secret sauce?

A: Shorter delays and shorter reverbs have more of a place in mixing than you may think. Things can get muddy with longer delays.

“I believe today is the best it’s ever been” on recording technology. @bobbyowsinski

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Q: Favorite hardware tool?

A: Without a doubt Urei 1176. It always sounds good and you can make it work for just about anything you need. And the Warm Audio WA76 sounds great! It’s what I’m using on my voice for the podcast in fact.

Q: Favorite software tool?

A: An 1176 plugin. I’m partial to everything Universal Audio makes. And the reverbs from Exponential Audio, founded by Michael Carnes, who designed Lexicon’s reverbs for 25 years.

“Look it's just not getting any better. It’s getting different…” @bobbyowsinski about overdubs

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Q:A good resource for the business?

A: I really think the Music 4.0 book is unique in that it not only gives you history of music biz but in a different approach, but there's a lot of research where all the money goes, down to the very last percentage of streams on iTunes and such.

“Try to get one fan at a time, one gig at a time.“ @bobbyowsinski

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Q : If you ended up in a new city, didn’t know anyone and could only take a simple set-up to record, what would you take and how would you find people to record?

A: I would take my macbook pro, Apollo Twin Interface, Equator D5 Monitors, and a couple of Advanced Audio Mics. Go where the musicians go: clubs, studios, venues to meet people! For meeting people on line you can also use - the idea is for musicians to meet other musicians at particular skill level they need to be.

Q: What is the single most important thing to become a rockstar of the recording studio?

A: Persistence always wins. It wins over talent every day” unless you are so freakishly brilliant. The people that hang in there are the ones that get ahead.

"Persistence always wins. It wins over talent everyday!" @bobbyowsinski

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