Fab Filter Pro-Q 2 - Interview with Grammy winning Mixer Chad Brown & Lij Shaw - Recording Studio Rockstars

Fab Filter Pro-Q 2 – Interview with Grammy winning Mixer Chad Brown & Lij Shaw

Fab Filter Pro-Q 2

One of the tools that you simply must have for mixing has been around since the earliest days of recording. The equalizer. It sounds like a super hero name because it is!

You might need to fix something that just didn’t quite work well enough during the recording stage, or reshape the timbre of a sound, or want to fit all the elements of a mix together to make it great.

The first tools you should always reach for are the mute button, and the fader. But when those don’t do what you need grab yourself an eq.

I got a call from my friend Chad Brown recently who was mixing a record for the Zuni Mountain Boys. He was really fired up about a plugin he was trying out, Fab Filter Pro-Q 2.

“Dude, This thing is totally awesome!” he cried over the phone.

So I did what anyone would do… I went over to his studio to shoot a video interview while he walked us through the coolest features of Fab Filter Pro-Q 2.

Cool stuff you will learn from Chad in this video:

  • How to eq a kick drum
  • How to eq a snare
  • Low and high cut filtering
  • Mixing vocals and helping with bleed
  • One simple EQ trick to blend a vocal into a mix
  • Why Fab Filter can sound like an old record player
  • Many more cool features of Fab Filter Pro Q that you can use right away
  • Try it free with the 30 day demo.

I hope you enjoy this video as much as we did making it!



Watch it here or click the video below…

Fab Filter Pro-Q 2