- Recording Studio Rockstars

Thanks for being a guest on Recording Studio Rockstars! 

(scroll down for scheduling links below)

The Podcast:

RSR is a #1 podcast on iTunes for helping listeners (whom I lovingly refer to as the Rockstars) make their best record ever by learning from recording professionals like yourself. The interview will be a relaxed conversation about all things recording studio. 

We can talk about recording techniques, gear, music, songwriting, design, business, or anything else important for the studio. It will be a recorded un-edited conversation (though I do use markers to make a few edits if needed after).

The interview:

I like to follow our conversation organically with my questions. I try to be a great listener with the goal of asking the things that the Rockstars would want to ask you. So I might back up and ask for a basic explanation of a topic along the way.

Ill send a prep sheet with a general outline, but Ill also prepare some specific questions for you in advance based on your work. My goal is to keep it super easy for you and ask the kind of questions we would naturally talk about if we were having a conversation. After all we love making records and talk about this stuff all day anyway right?

Also when I ask a question about your work or techniques I try to do it in a way that allows you to answer in a general context. I don't want to put you on the spot to remember anything too specific. So don't worry about having to remember the all the names of people or gear (I certainly don't!).


I am excited to have you join me on the show, and I know the Rockstars will be really grateful to hear from you.

Please use one of these links to schedule a convenient day and time for our interview.

For an in person interview in my studio please use this link: RSRockstars.com/StudioGuest

If we discussed doing an in person interview somewhere other than my studio please use the studio link too.

For an easy interview over Skype wherever you are in the world please use this link: RSRockstars.com/SkypeGuest

Thanks so much! 

Preparation is easy:

When you schedule a time you will receive a few emails from me. 

First I will need some things to prepare for the interview. These include:

  • a short bio
  • a cool photo of you. Great Image quality helps. 
  • your discography, website, and social media links
  • Links to a handful of Youtube videos for me to easily hear your music
  • Ill ask for all these things right away so I have plenty of time to be ready for a great interview.

The Youtube videos are helpful for me to add to the blog post and I can refer to them for questions. It also helps me ask questions about your great work. (I realize that Youtube is not super hifi, but they are super easy for everyone to access and enjoy.) 

You will receive a couple of reminder emails for the interview, and an easy way to add it to your calendar with a link. If we use Skype for an online interview it will be audio only, no need for video. You will want a good mic (usb mics are the easiest) and headphones for the best sound.

If we plan for an in studio interview at my studio I will have everything ready for you to walk in and do the interview quickly and easily. Please plan for two hours to allow enough time for everything.

Thanks so much, and I cant wait for us to talk! Cheers, Lij Shaw


I just wanted to say thank you again. I have gotten 4 jobs (mixing ,mastering) from your listeners checking out my stuff after listening to the podcast you had me on. I really appreciate the opportunity and it was an honor to be on both of your shows. You rock. I just wanted to let you know that it had a big impact thus far and it’s appreciated .

Andy reed RSR130 REcording power pop with The legal matters & The verve pipe


Very impressed with this show. I am a professional recording engineer and music producer and I love listening to this show on my commute to work in the morning. Gives me new ideas and starts my day off with inspiration! I love that there’s someone out there portraying what the music industry is REALLY like…and not just touting gear and trying to sound smart all the time. Keep it up Lij!

Jordan N D Great Insights, great guests, great host. Thanks Lij!