RSR000 – Lij Shaw Introduction to the podcast - Recording Studio Rockstars

RSR000 – Lij Shaw Introduction to the podcast

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Welcome to Recording Studio Rockstars I’m Lij Shaw and this is the podcast created to help you become a rockstar of the recording studio! I am an award winning chart breaking music and podcast producer and have been making records for 25 years. I’m also the owner of a Grammy award winning studio called The Toy Box Studio in East Nashville TN.

But when I started out I knew nothing about recording and had to learn from the ground up. All I wanted was a chance to be in the studio learning from the best! Whether you are just starting out in recording, or want to take your recordings to the next level this show is made to help you get excited about recording and learn more stuff. Who doesn’t need that? I know I do!

I’ll be interviewing producers, engineers, studio owners, gear builders, or anyone else that is a rockstar of the recording studio. We will hear their stories from starting out to becoming the pros that they are today, and learn from their insights, tricks, and advice.

I be asking questions about their musical journey to keep us all inspired, and follow it up at the end with “The Jam Session” a series of shorter questions full of tips and tricks. So if you have any questions you would to hear me ask or suggestions for the show please email them to me

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