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RSR003 – Joe Gilder –

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My guest today is Joe Gilder. He is songwriter, producer, engineer, teacher and innovator in the online world of music production, blogging, and podcasting. Joe’s focus is the home studio owner, to help you create the best recordings you can. He has created a fantastic resource and website called

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In his own words:

“Home Studio Corner (HSC) exists to help home studios excel. It gives you LOTS of ways to expand your recording knowledge, hone your recording skills, and make better recordings.”

Joe offers articles, videos, podcasts, and training products so that you can start learning for free now and dive in for much more in depth training when you are ready.

Here are some of the topics we discussed on the show.

Dueling Mixes

  • Dueling Mixes is for users who are comfortable with their DAW and want to go deeper into what the program can do. The site offers alternate mixes of the same song so the user can compare the two and see how differently a single track can be mixed. They can also download the original track to mix the song themselves. Joe and his co-host Graham Cochrane show you how they mix the songs to give you insights into the process.

Home Studio Corner” & “Simply Recording” Podcasts. (These links will take you straight to iTunes)

  • Joe talks about the production of one of his albums from 2010. He brings up the 80/20 rule which states 80% of your results comes from 20% of the inputs given. He talked about how he was going to write 50 songs in 12 weeks to create at least 10 that he was super proud of!

Predicting The Cost of a Record:

  • Joe talks about how to plan out how long and how much time it will cost to complete a record. This goes back to knowing how long it takes you to accomplish something in order to accurately predict how long the process will take. Joe talks about the value of salesmanship when quoting a client on how much his services will cost. This is a great lesson for us all in matching our rates to the high value of our service.

Recording Advice - Q&A:

  • Q- “What is the most important advice you have?”

    • A - “Getting it right at the source.”

  • Q - “What was an important failure or setback that became an important learning lesson for you in the studio or in your musical journey?

    • A - “The more I learned about the proper way to record music, the less time I spent creating it.”

  • Q - “Tell us about a moment of success in your recording career.”

    • A - “Listening back to old recordings and noticing how the emotion of the songs are still coming through, even after so much time.”

  • Q - “Where can we find your album “Better This Way?”

  • Q - “Tell us about something you’re excited about right now.”

    • A - “I am most excited about writing more music, especially in the studio with my drummer and bassist.”

  • Q - “How do you imagine capturing that writing process with a group of people like that?”

    • A - “I think it would be let’s just set up a recording session and jam until we come up with something or jam to a click to build a track that way.”

The “Jam Session” Q&A:

  • Q - “What was holding you back from getting started in recording?”

    • A - “Feeling like I had to do everything myself.”

  • Q - “What was some of the best advice you received about recording?”

    • A - “Get it right at the source.”

  • Q - “How about a tip hack or secret sauce that you would like to share from your experience?”

    • A - “Committing to time-based effects at the time of the recording.”

  • Q - “Do you have a favorite book you would like to share?”

  • Q - “Can you share a favorite hardware tool of the studio?”

  • Q - “How about a favorite software tool?”

  • Q - “Would you like to just drop a reference to one favorite new feature that exists in it that you’re liking a lot right now?”

    • A - “I like the feature that lets you to route the plug-in chain on any channel and split the signal, and do different things on each part of the signal”

  • Q - “How about a great resource for the business part of the recording studio?”

  • Q - “If you were dropped into a strange city and you could only take a simple setup for recording, what would you choose, how would you find people to record, and how would you make ends meet right away to continue recording?”

    • A - “The rig - a laptop with Presonus, an interface, and a mic. People to record - you have to go to where the musicians are and find them.

  • Q - “What if someone is in a town that doesn’t have many musicians?”

  • Q - “How can our listeners follow you?”

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