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RSR004 – Björgvin Benediktsson –

Björgvin Benediktsson
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RSR004 - Björgvin Benediktsson -

My guest on the the show is Björgvin Benediktsson, a songwriter, producer, engineer, and music recording blogger. An Alumni from the SAE Institute, He has been writing about music production since 2008, bringing you insight into everything he has learned along the way.

I was first introduced to Björgvin through The Pro Audio Files leading back to his site Here he creates content to teach you more about the whole recording process from Songwriting to recording and mixing till you create a finished master.

Björgvin gives audio enthusiasts an easy yet solid understanding of the various aspects of producing music, through practical production tips and in depth training products. Providing everything you need to know to produce your own music in your home recording studio.

He runs his own site Audio Issues, and has produced an EP and multiple singles for his band, The Long Wait, and is currently working on their first LP.


The best ways to make great records is to start with great recordings and know how to work with the tracks till you have a balanced mix.

The best way to get to a sound that is balanced is to understand the basics. That’s why Björgvin created The Ultimate Guide To EQ to help you get the ultimate sound!

“If you've ever wondered how to give instruments their proper place in your mix where they don't fight with each other, you already know the answer... Its EQ 

​Any engineer will tell you that EQ is their most important weapon when they're mixing.

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Everything else comes after.” -BB

When you are ready to mix then you need the power to understand how to use your plugins

(Especially if your are mixing in a DAW like 99% of the music making world!).

Björgvin created an awesome course called Mixing With 5 Plugins to help guide you on your mixing journey. He breaks it down to five basic plugins to give you everything you need to create a fantastic, professional mix.

Create an Amazing Mix With Only 5 Plug-ins

“Discover How To Use EQ, Compression, Reverb, Delay and Saturation To Create Incredible Sounding Mixes. You only need 5 plug-ins to get a great mix.”

You can find all of Björgvin’s work at Audio Issues

(Many of my links in the article are affiliate links which means that if you use them and decide to make a purchase I will get a small commision for helping to bring you this valuable content. This is how I support Recording Studio Rockstars. So I thank you in advance for using these links. You rock! Lij)

Here are some of the wisdoms that Björgvin shared with me on the podcast:


  • “Always try to teach what you know while striving to improve” @audioissues

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  • “Forge your own path, even if it’s different or difficult” @audioissues

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Jam Session

Q: Tell us about something that was holding you back when getting started with music

A: Fear of thinking that I’m not good enough

Q: What was some of the best advice you received about recording?

A: Read everything you can about it

Q: Can you share a recording tip, hack or “secret sauce”?

A: Experiment. Even if you don’t have a lot of time, try at least two things so you can have something to compare.

Q: Can you recommend a favorite book?

A: Unlocking Creativity by Michael Beinhorn

Q: Share with us a favorite hardware tool from the studio

A: AKG C-414 XLS

Q: What about favorite software tool?

A: Logic and UAD API channel strip plug-in

Q: What’s a great resource you found for the business side of the industry?

A: Wunderlist, XMind, and my calendar

Q: If you were dropped into a strange city with a simple setup to record, what would you choose to have, how would you find people to record, and how would you make ends meet?

A: I’d take a 4 to 8 input interface. I’d find people to record by going to shows and networking.

Resource Links

Facebook -

Twitter - @audioissues

YouTube - Bjorgvin Benediktsson

The Long Wait

Patreon - The Long Wait

Websites - Audio Issues

Björgvin's Products to help you make better recordings:

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