RSR060 - Jordan Valeriote - Hard Core Mixing & Silverstein - Recording Studio Rockstars

RSR060 – Jordan Valeriote – Hard Core Mixing & Silverstein

Jordan Valeriote

RSR060 – Jordan Valeriote – Hard Core Mixing & Silverstein

My guest today is Jordan Valeriote, an independent producer, mixer, and engineer based out of Ontario, Canada, specializing in hardcore music with blazing guitars and drums. Jordan started out as an assistant engineer in 2007 at Cherry Beach Sound in Toronto, where he worked on recording sessions for Usher, Timbaland, Serena Ryder and The Jonas Brothers.

He then decided to create his own place, Sundown Studio in Guelph, ON, located in a remodeled barn in a beautiful natural farm setting. In 2010 he produced Rescue for the band Silverstein, a leading band on the post-hardcore scene. Follow up credits include Antimacy by the Dead and Divine, and Prophets for the Counterparts. Other credits include: Nick Johnston, Forevermore, Great Lakes, Mandroid Echostar, and Skynet.

Jordan is also an author, teacher, and entrepreneur. He has taken all the knowledge gained from producing, recording, and mixing to create where Jordan teaches you how to record, edit, and mix powerful hardcore records. He has written a book called Mixing Heavy Music which you can find on Amazon. And he also offers drum sample packs made up of the very same drum samples used on many of his hardcore productions which you can find on his website

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Jordan Vleriote Mixing Cheatsheet

Cool stuff we talked about in our interview:

[7:41] The importance of recording a guide track.
[10:04] How to use drum samples in your production.
[13:10] From Chris Lord Alge. “There’s no wrong way to make a sound. No one is going to die!”
[15:09] Failure in the studio…
[19:44] Working with the Jonas Brothers
[25:49] Defining hardcore music.
[27:06] What the hell is a “chug?”
[27:59] Recording “Screamo” vocals.
[31:28] Shure SM7 vs. Sennheiser 421
[38:33] Perceived Loudness
[39:16] Getting killer kick and snare sounds.
[50:24] Recording school vs. starting a studio.
[53:17] Jordan Valeriote’s hardcore mixing courses.
[54:34] The best advice Jordan ever received.
[55:15] Getting killer guitar sounds.
[59:34] Favorite hardware tool for the studio.
[62:10] Favorite software tool for the studio.
[63:01] Advice for the studio business, the power of “No!”
[68:11] One sheet agreements for your studio.
[69:46] Advice for starting over.
[71:29] Why offering a demo is best.
[74:13] The single most important thing for becoming a Rockstar of the recording studio.

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