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RSR072 – Chris Graham – How To Grow An Online Mastering Studio Business

Chris Graham
RSR072 - Chris Graham - How To Grow An Online Mastering Studio Business

My guest today is Chris Graham, a mastering engineer, who works from his own mastering studio, Chris Graham Mastering, in Columbus OH.

Chris came across my radar one day when I was looking for Youtube video about a new plugin, and before the video started an ad popped up. Of course I’m used to seeing ads about cars, or plugins, or whatever trendy item Google thinks I should know about. But this one was unexpected. It was a normal looking guy talking to me about the frustrations of trying to master my own record, how he understood, and how he could help.

Even walking starts with a mistake - Chris Graham

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So out of curiosity I clicked through and landed on his website Chris Graham Mastering. I was so impressed with how he had laid everything out, and how he presented his before and after player for mixing, and mastering examples that I decided to send him an email and introduce myself.

The producers are the ones that know how to get along with people and capture that magic moment. - Chris Graham

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Chris and I talked on the phone I knew right away that he was someone you needed to meet, Rockstars! Chris has figured out how to build a thriving mixing and mastering business that really over delivers by offering coaching, mentoring, and video tutorials to help his clients get the best mixes possible before the mastering process. And he does all this from the heartland of Ohio, not from NYC, LA, or Nashville.

No one wants to listen to perfect music. no one cares that you spent 10,000 hours editing your drums. If theres not a magic grab you buy the seat of your pants make you want to cry when you listen to the song.

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He has built a smart, effective marketing, and business strategy that allows him to help as many people as possible using the internet to connect with his clients. I am really excited to dig deep into mixing and mastering, and find out what makes an effective marketing strategy for you Rockstars.

Ill never forget when strangers started hiring me for the first time. It was bonkers. - Chris Graham

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If you listen to the great recordings throughout history they're dirty and imperfect. - Chris Graham

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Check out

Chris designed his own custom audio player to show before and after examples of his work. Something we might take for granted today, but he was actually the first guy on the web to do this!

Chris Graham Mastering

Chris Graham Mastering

Press the play button below to listen to the podcast episode:

And keep reading below for more videos and cool photos from the road...

Chris Graham Welcome video on Youtube. Click through and check it out!

Trying to impress people with your work can cause you to be a bad engineer. - Chris Graham

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The secret to a successful studio business is to under promise and over deliver. - Chris Graham

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I alway prioritize my day. One get healthy. Two prioritize. And three, do the number one thing. - Chris Graham

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Here are the great books we talked about to inspire you in your business!
The Emyth Revisited
How To Win Friends And Influence People
The Go Giver
$100 Startup

The goal for any mastering engineer is to be a telepath and read someone's mind. Give them that master back, and have someone say "Oh my gosh thats perfect!" - Chris Graham

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Don't let your schooling get in the way of your education - Mark Twain via Chris Graham

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Good To Great
The Lean Startup
Berry Gordy

Integrity is the ability to eat reality for breakfast without getting sick. - Dr Henry Cloud via Chris Graham

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The best advice I got was that I could do this for a living. - Chris Graham

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You can't build a business on swindling people in 2016. If you do, everyone will know! - Chris Graham

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