RSR074 – Jason Lehning – Growing Up Producing & Mixing In Nashville - Recording Studio Rockstars

RSR074 – Jason Lehning – Growing Up Producing & Mixing In Nashville

Jason Lehning
RSR074 - Jason Lehning - Growing Up Producing & Mixing In Nashville

My guest today is Jason Lehning, a musician, songwriter, producer, and twice Grammy winning engineer. He was even nominated for Best Engineer Grammy in 2008. Jason grew up in Nashville spending his childhood in and around studios as the son of the successful country producer Kyle Lehning, who produced nearly every record by Randy Travis. So Jason has always been at home in the studio, and immersed himself in bands and recording projects full time from a young age.

I have had the pleasure of recording Jason’s band The Silver Seas here at The Toy Box Studio. We recorded their album Chateau Revenge! And then later an all acoustic version of the same record for vinyl release called “The Blue Edition.” The sessions were a lot of fun tracking the whole band live through the MCI console to analog tape and then into Pro Tools to be later mixed by Brad Jones.

In The Silver Seas he writes and records with Daniel Tashian, and has also worked with other Nashville artists David Mead, and Josh Rouse. I have known Jason for 20 years as someone who is constantly making records. Some of Jason’s credits include: George Jones, Erasure, Mat Kearney, Guster, Bill Frisell, and Alison Krauss.

I have a criteria for what work I take. Theres three things, music, money and people. If it meets two of those things Ill take it.

Jason Lehning

The best mic, on the best singer singing a shitty song, is still gonna sound like a shitty song. @JasonLehning

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The band is only as good as the weakest listener in the room. @JasonLehning

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