RSR076 – Bjorgvin Benediktsson – Step By Step Mixing Q&A - Recording Studio Rockstars

RSR076 – Bjorgvin Benediktsson – Step By Step Mixing Q&A

Step By Step Mixing

RSR076 - Bjorgvin Benediktsson - Step By Step Mixing Q&A

Björgvin Benediktsson is author of the blog Audio-Issues where he writes all about recording, production, and mixing music from your studio. His new book Step By Step Mixing reached #1 on Amazon teaching you how to mix using only five basic plugins choices.

Bjorgvin joins us to talk about his new book and his full featured course Mixing with Five Plugins. We are trying something new for Recording Studio Rockstars. We won’t be going through the usual list of interview questions. Instead we reached out to you Rockstars ahead of time, and asked for your questions about mixing. We got lots of great submissions and are excited to dig into all of your great questions.

Here are some of the great questions we answer on this episode:

  • How to deal with sibilant vocals. How to handle crazy S's
  • EQ phase: Zero Latency, Natural, and Phase Linear modes
  • How to fix muddy EQ, and set your compression to keep your kick drum clear and punchy.
  • How to set your reverb and balance against a "dry" vocal sound.
  • Raising and lowering the EQ to affect the track in a positive way.
  • How to set your bus compression for different genres of music.
  • How to set the lows in your mix to play back great on a big system, even when you only have small speakers in your own mix studio.
  • How to use EQ to its full potential
  • More great tips on EQ, and tricks for getting an awesome kick drum in your mix.
  • How to use parallel compression to create a killer vocal mix.
  • How to use saturation to bring out your bass in the mix without creating too much low end.
  • Adding longer reverbs and delays to a vocal mix.
  • Using short delays for snare and guitars.
Step By Step Mixing

#1 book available on Amazon

Step By Step Mixing


Mixing With Five Plugins

Mixing With Five Plugins

Björgvin has generously given us a coupon for $50 off of his full featured course Mixing With Five Plugins. If you use my affiliate link (I will get a commission on this so thank you!) and the coupon code RSR50 then you will get $50 off the usual price. 

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