RSR077 – Derrick Bostrom – The Meat Puppets & Nirvana - Recording Studio Rockstars

RSR077 – Derrick Bostrom – The Meat Puppets & Nirvana

Derrick Bostrom

RSR077 - Derrick Bostrom - The Meat Puppets & Nirvana

My guest today is Derrick Bostrom, drummer for the Meat Puppets. They recorded seven albums in the 80s for the legendary SST label. They released three more albums for London Polygram in the 90s, including “Too High To Die,” for which they received a gold record and scored the hit “Backwater.”

They are most widely known for their appearance on Nirvana’s “MTV Unplugged” television program and subsequent album. It was the financial success of the Nirvana project which finally allowed the Meat Puppets to take a long hiatus, during which Curt moved to Austin, Derrick became an IT professional and Cris pursued a drug habit which landed him up in a federal prison.

Though Bostrom declined to join the Kirkwoods when they reformed in 2006, he has continued to chronicle the band’s history, producing a series of reissues on the Rykodisk label and promoting his own version of events on his Bostwworld site. he is also a deejay at, where he hosts a weekly show dedicated to sharing his favorite ephemeral pop trash.

Meat Puppets

Meat Puppets

"I actually tried overdubbing the entire kit one drum at a time for Meat Puppets Up On The Sun." @DBostrom #MeatPuppets 

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