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RSR080 – Stewart Eastham – Learning Pro Tools

Stewart Eastham

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Stewart Eastham Shares tips on learning Pro Tools as an artist, songwriter, and producer in East Nashville TN. His recent Americana album, Dancers In The Mansion, was recorded at The Toy Box Studio, through the famous MCI console. The album brings together a rock band rhythm section with piano, organ, pedal steel, horns, and real strings to create an energetic album that sounds great. Stewart talks with us on the podcast about his experience in the studio, and as an independent artist. We dig into what it means to write, record, and release an album living in Nashville, and then take it out into the world.

"Be your biggest fan. Believe in yourself. Trust yourself. And follow your vision." @SEasthamMusic #EastNashville 

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Stewart generously shared some examples of mixes from his record, Dancers In The Mansion. The playlist includes mixes of two songs. You will find the rough mix, the final mix, and the mastered mix. This is to give you some insight into the differences. You can hear that the rough mixes are louder because they were mixed through a loudness plugin. And The final mixes are lower level probably mixed at a nominal -12 or -18 dbfs. But this leaves lots of headroom for the mastering stage. Finally the mastered mixes are at full volume and sound great!

Teaser trailer for the upcoming album

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