RSR082 – Dane Myers – Custom Tracks & Online Production - Recording Studio Rockstars

RSR082 – Dane Myers – Custom Tracks & Online Production

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Dane Myers is a producer and owner of, a recording studio in Orlando FL that offers online recording and production services to artists anywhere in the world.

Several years after founding local singer/songwriter recording studio, Wholehearted Productions, and producing numerous tracks for aspiring local artists, Dane realized a big obstacle all of his artists faced in getting the quality of music they wanted was a lack of access to professional session musicians. Now after leaving university, Dane is bent on changing the way people think about recording, putting the focus on quality performances, and putting top-shelf musicians back in independent music production through

"The fact that there are limitations to the medium creates beauty in and of itself with the production process." @danemyersmusic

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"Art is not about being efficient." @danemyersmusic

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