RSR083 – Jeff Turzo – Overstayer Recording Equipment, Fusing Rock with Techno - Recording Studio Rockstars

RSR083 – Jeff Turzo – Overstayer Recording Equipment, Fusing Rock with Techno

Jeff Turzo

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Jeff Turzo is a musician, producer, and founder of Overstayer Recording Equipment, a company that designs cool audio gear for the studio. Jeff started out as a musician and spent a decade producing and touring with his band, God Lives Under Water. His band was signed by Rick Rubin to American Recordings in 1993. GLU went on to record multiple albums with a heavy guitar, synth, loop driven pop sound that landed them a movie soundtrack hit for the Keanu Reeves film, Johnny Mnemonic, and airtime on alternative rock stations and MTV. This led to years of touring for his band sharing the stage with other heavy pop bands like KMFDM, Korn, Filter, Deftones, No Doubt, and Sublime.

In the studio Jeff was a multi-instrumentalist and producer with synthesis/sampling knowledge, sometimes producing with Matt Mahaffey (episode 69), but also with his GLU partner David Reilly, staying busy with remix projects that included Skinny Puppy, Rob Zombie and Messiah. He also organized For the Masses: A Tribute To Depeche Mode in 1998, and released Up Off The Floor with GLU in 2004.

"When the mystery starts to go away, you start to figure it out." #OverstayerInc

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"There are character flaws that allow people to dig in to places and create emotional songs." #OverstayerInc

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