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RSR085 – Cowboy Keith Thompson – How To Start a Record Label From Your Home Studio

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Cowboy Keith Thompson is a record producer, live sound engineer, tour manager, and record label owner. Inglehood Records is a boutique label based out of east Nashville, that makes classic style recordings of vintage hits from the 40s to 60s with its hip rhythm and horn sections.

Originally hailing from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Keith was a bar owner, children's TV show host, radio host, record producer, and live sound engineer. He moved to Nashville 20 years ago to pursue pro- live sound engineer, doing live sound for the likes of Peter Cetera and even Wonder Woman's Lynda Carter.

Some of Keith's credits include managing the Original Blues Brothers Band featuring Steve Cropper, Blue Lou Marini, Tom Malone, John Tropea , Murphy Dunne and Leon Pendarvis.

When he is not running his label, producing records, or touring, he records and mixes all the music performances for the hit CMT TV show "Sun Records".

"You can always make a big room sound small, but you can't make a small room sound big."

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"Basically, the microphone is an extension of your ear."

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