RSR093 – Bonnaroo 2017 Hay Bale Studio – Behind the Scenes - Recording Studio Rockstars

RSR093 – Bonnaroo 2017 Hay Bale Studio – Behind the Scenes

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Hear stories behind the scenes of Bonnaroo 2017 at the Hay Bale Studio.

Today’s episode is a special one! We are here on-site at Bonnaroo, a music festival just an hour south of Nashville, TN. We are recording a band every hour, two to three songs, mixing it live and mastering it immediately so that the music can go directly out on radio stations all over the country.

We’ll be chatting with the team, getting some great stories, and answering as many questions as we can about what goes into producing, mixing, mastering, and putting out on the radio so many great songs in one four-day weekend.

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Tony Matula


Hay Bale Studio


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