RSR101 – 7 Things About Plug-Ins That Will Make You Sound Like You Have a Ph.D with Eric Tarr - Recording Studio Rockstars

RSR101 – 7 Things About Plug-Ins That Will Make You Sound Like You Have a Ph.D with Eric Tarr

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Eric Tarr shares thoughtful insight on programming for plug-ins, convolution, dither, harmonics, synthesizers, and much more!

Eric Tarr is an audio engineer based in Nashville, Tennessee. He is an assistant professor at Belmont University. He has been a regular contributor to the Pro Audio Files since 2013. He is the founder of Hack Audio, a company developing content connecting computer programming and audio engineering. Additionally, he runs a local “Meet-up” group called the Nashville Music Programmers, which is a gathering of technologists working around the music industry.

Eric grew up listening to music and playing music as a way of life. In school he studied music technology, mathematics, and electrical engineering. He completed a Ph.D. from the Ohio State University, where he focused on digital signal processing. He is as passionate about mixing music as he is about creating software for mixing music. Currently he is focused on creating educational resources for audio engineers who want to create their own tools for mixing.

"There's lots of idea out there, and you just need to take the good information, leave behind all the extra noise, and just make music." @ericwtarr

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"I don't have any excuses, nobody has any excuses anymore. Things are cheap enough and good enough that it's pretty much on you to make it happen." @ericwtarr

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Twitter: @ericwtarr @proaudiofiles

Facebook: @hackaudio @roswellproaudio

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Things Talked About:

ClapIR Acoustics Measurement Tool (iOS)
Power Tracks Pro
Roswell Pro Audio YouTube Channel

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