RSR102 – 4 Steps To 1.4 Million Spotify Plays In A Year with Kirk Teachout - Recording Studio Rockstars

RSR102 – 4 Steps To 1.4 Million Spotify Plays In A Year with Kirk Teachout

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Kirk Teachout gives excellent tips for songwriting, branding, balancing family & work, building relationships, teamwork and much more!

My guest today is Kirk Teachout, a producer who was introduced to me as dude with a huge YouTube channel of nursery rhymes! Thank you Mr Pete Woj of I met Kirk at Summer NAMM 2017, where he explained to me that he had been creating content for a company that has the top 500+ Youtube channels in the world. Kirk started out working in Memphis, TN, alongside Lawrence “Boo” Mitchell at Royal Studios. And followed that by opening his own studio, Rise Studios, in Memphis.

Kirk has had 10 years playing in bands and touring as well, and enjoys teaching the things he has learned along the way. He is also an excellent teacher with strong sense of not only the musical side of recording, but the business side of growing a band or a studio. So, today he is going to share with us his outline of 4 Steps to 1.4 Million Spotify Plays in a Year. Yup you heard that right. We are going to be sitting at the high stakes table today!

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"You need to under promise and over deliver every single time." @kirkteachout #RiseStudios

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"Never stop learning, work hard, and be prepared." @kirkteachout #RiseStudios

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