RSR103 – Finally A Way To Get Credit For Your Music With RIN-M from Soundways! – Gebre Waddell - Recording Studio Rockstars

RSR103 – Finally A Way To Get Credit For Your Music With RIN-M from Soundways! – Gebre Waddell

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Gebre Waddell talks about creating plug-ins, mastering, metadata, blockchain technology with music, and much more.

Gebre Waddell is a mastering engineer, author, and audio software designer-developer. Gebre owns Stonebridge Mastering in Memphis TN, and wrote the book “Complete Audio Mastering: Practical Techniques” published by McGraw-Hill in 2013. His mastering credits include artists like Ministry, Lil’ Wayne, The Bar-Kays, George Clinton, Public Enemy, and David Porter.

Gebre has been part of The Recording Academy Board of Governors since 2016 and became a co-chair of the Grammy Producers & Engineers Wing. In 2017, he was elected President of the Memphis Chapter.

Gebre is now the CEO and founder of a company dedicated to delivering the next generation of audio solutions for music and audio recording, streaming, video gaming, consumer electronics and automotive markets. SOUNDWAY'S MISSION is to: revolutionize the supply chain of sound recordings, from the studio to the services and devices used for listening.

Gebre has created custom software for audio giants like Brainworx and Universal Audio. But through Soundways he has created plugins like the Core Production Bundle that you can use now in your studio to help create better mixes, or make sure your recording credits and metadata will make it to the final end user using the free plugin RIN-M, which stands for Recording Information Notification - Metadata!

FREE RIN-M eBook and Plugin

How would you like to have someone contact you because they thought a record sounded great, and saw that you helped to make it?

Well that's exactly the sort of thing that RIN-M will help you with by tracking all the credits of the musicians, producers, arrangers, and songwriters on your records!

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