RSR113 – David Earl aka sflogicninja – How to Compose For Games In Logic Pro X Like A Ninja - Recording Studio Rockstars

RSR113 – David Earl aka sflogicninja – How to Compose For Games In Logic Pro X Like A Ninja

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Ninja Logic Pro X tricks, composing for video games, and encouraging stories about David Earl’s journey into the music industry.

David Earl aka sflogicninja is a music composer, producer and educator for He is also a member of the Producers and Engineers branch of NARAS, AES, and is a voting member of NARAS. He is an award-winning composer, who has contributed to GANG, CLIO, and EMMY winning works.

David has been composing music for hire for over 20 years. With a focus on original music for games, film, and television. His clients include Amazon, Sega, Microsoft, eBay, among others. You can hear his music on such titles as Iron Man 2: The Video Game by SEGA, Halo Waypoint: The Return by 343, Happy Action Theater, and many more. And David also enjoys producing artists such as Lila Rose, Emily Afton, Artemis, Drea.M, and many others.

His style has been labeled ‘Cinematic Indie Pop’. He also is a contributor to Judas Priestess and Dream Theater. His latest fun project was composing original music for the Adult Swim/Double Fine production called ‘Headlander’, now available on vinyl through iam8bit.

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"When composing music for games, you have to write an interesting of music that loops well, that doesn't have any kind of melodic element that sticks out, because people will hear it over, and over, and over again."

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