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RSR130 – Andy Reed – Recording Power Pop with The Legal Matters & The Verve Pipe

We talked about recording power pop in a small home studio space, getting big lush vocals, great drums sounds, and composing for film.

My guest today is Andy Reed, a fantastic power pop songwriter, musician, engineer, and producer from Bay City Michigan. Andy owns Reed Recording an analog meets digital studio where he records his own music as well as other bands. I met at Welcome To 1979 recording summit this fall which is an awesome weekend long clinic of music and recording panels.

As an artist Andy writes and records with The Legal Matters a very cool power pop band that reminded me of the things I love about Elliott Smith. And he has also recorded and toured with The Verve Pipe as a bass player.

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“I am not a genius. I’m just a hard working guy” Brian Wilson @ReedRecordingCo

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