RSR146 – David Hewitt – 1000 Concerts 1000 Stories From The Recording Truck - Recording Studio Rockstars

RSR146 – David Hewitt – 1000 Concerts 1000 Stories From The Recording Truck

David told stories about Frank Zappa, Tom Dowd, The Hells Angels, Elliot Scheiner, and recording the biggest rock concerts of the day among many other stories.

My guest today is David Hewitt, father of Ryan Hewitt also on the podcast, and a remote recording engineer with an incredible list of artist credits.

David Hewitt’s engineering career started at Bob Lifton’s Regent Sound branch in Philadelphia in 1970. He moved on to Roy Cicala’s Record Plant New York to work in the Remote division, becoming Director by 1974.

Hewitt designed and built the legendary “Black Truck” in 1978 and formed Remote Recording Services in 1979 for independent Engineering projects and equipment rental, eventually buying the Black Truck from Record Plant NY to add to RRS’s expanding capabilities.

1990 saw the construction of the “Silver Truck”, a ground up custom Tractor Trailer. And in 2003 Hewitt sold the Company, but remained as President and constructed a new Digital facility, “The White Truck”. In 2009 Hewitt left the Company to form Hewitt Remote Services, LTD.

David Hewitt is an 8-time TEC Award Winner and member of the TEC Hall of Fame. Other accolades include Gold & Platinum Records, Grammys, Emmys and CAS awards. His audio engineering career has spanned over four decades, working in such diverse fields as Live CDs, DVDs, Radio, Television, Film and Cine-casts.

Credits run from Aretha to Zappa, Miles to MJQ, George Jones to Shania, Mtv to Met Opera, Die Hard to Disney and some that simply defy categories.


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