RSR153 – Maor Appelbaum – Mastering Metal, Rock, And Everything Else - Recording Studio Rockstars

RSR153 – Maor Appelbaum – Mastering Metal, Rock, And Everything Else

Maor talked about mastering for international clients, getting the tones and levels just right, and working with Sylvia Massey, William Shatner, Billy Sherwood, Mike Clink, and Ben Grosse.

My guest today is Maor Appelbaum a mastering engineer and musician for major international acts such as: Faith No More, Yes, Walter Trout, Eric Gales, Meatloaf, William Shatner, Sepultura , Rob Halford and more. He has mastered the works of well-known music producers such as: Matt Wallace, Mike Clink, Mike Plotnikoff, Bob Horn, Ben Grosse, Roy Z, Sylvia Massy and more.

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To Maor, being a mastering engineer is the best way possible to combine his love and passion for music, with his various skills- objectivity, subjectivity, and technical & artistic prowess. He finds pleasure in his job, more than anything, thanks to the variety of music and sounds he gets to master from all over the world. 
It is a profession he takes pride in, and masters.

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