RSR154 – Dan Shike – Tone And Volume Mastering In Nashville TN - Recording Studio Rockstars

RSR154 – Dan Shike – Tone And Volume Mastering In Nashville TN

Dan talked about DIY room treatments, speaker placement, the importance of client communication, and gave us a peek inside the mastering process for many genres of music from rock to hip hop to modern country.

My guest today is Dan Shike, a multi Grammy nominated mastering engineer, and owner of Tone and Volume Mastering here in Nashville, TN.

Over the past 18 years he's mastered for artists such as Jonny Lang, ASG, Third Eye Blind, Cody Jinks, Shannon Sanders, Big Daddy Weave, Marvin Sapp, Secondhand Serenade and Chris Janson and has worked on most every genre of music.

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