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RSR161 – Ian Shepherd – How To Keep Your Mixes Out Of The LOUDNESS Penalty Box.

Ian talked about getting the loudness of your mixes just right for online streaming, and why louder is not necessarily better when you are mixing or mastering.

My guest today is Ian Shepherd, mastering engineer and owner of Mastering Media Ltd. Some of Ian’s credits include: Keane, Tricky, The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, Deep Purple, The Orb, Culture Club, New Order, and King Crimson amongst many others. Ian also has a blog called where teaches you how to master your own music with plugins in your DAW.

You may be aware that the loudness wars have caused music to get louder and louder since digital music was introduced in the 1980s, but you might not know that music streaming sites have finally taken us out of the loudness wars by automatically adjusting levels of all songs on playback to hit a matched listening level.

This means that louder songs today can actually get turned down by sites like Spotify and Youtube. So really you want to get your levels just right so that they hit the sweet spot and sound right when streaming.

Today we will talk about Ian's newest free website tool called that lets you check you actual loudness for each music streaming site to make sure that it will playback at the correct levels and keep you out of the LOUDNESS penalty box!

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