RSR162 – Jonathan Haidle – Drawing Inspiration From The Fashion Industry To Create Music With Ableton Live. - Recording Studio Rockstars

RSR162 – Jonathan Haidle – Drawing Inspiration From The Fashion Industry To Create Music With Ableton Live.

Jonathan talked about finding inspiration for composition in Project Runway, setting up for a live loop performance in the studio, and using Ableton Live to get more human, less robotic recordings.

My guest today is Jonathan Haidle, trained in both piano performance and composition, with an minor in painting. Jonathan likes to bring a wide range of artistic influences to his music.  After getting a masters in Education, he founded Forte Music School - where 180+ students receive private lessons with focus on recording/arranging pieces they learn.  

I’ve known Jonathan for a while and have also been aware that he loves using Ableton Live and the Push controller. But recently I saw some of his live performance videos on Youtube and thought it would be awesome to have him on the show to talk about using the push controller and Live as both a composition tool and performance DAW.

Jonathan says he has also been drawing some of his inspiration for composition from watching TV lately, particularly Project Runway. So he is going to tell us how he is drawing inspiration from the fashion industry in creating music - and why Ableton is such a great platform for that. And also talk about composing for film and TV.

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