RSR164 - Jim Stewart - Producing, Recording, and Mixing, Rock, Soul, Jazz, and Americana In Cleveland OH. - Recording Studio Rockstars

RSR164 – Jim Stewart – Producing, Recording, and Mixing, Rock, Soul, Jazz, and Americana In Cleveland OH.

Jim talked about calibrating your studio speakers with Sonarworks, recording live music, working with remote studio clients, building a Hackintosh, and getting great drum and guitar sounds in the studio. Plus make sure to stick around for the awesome Jam Session Q&A at the end.

My guest today is Jim Stewart, a Cleveland based Engineer, Producer, and Mixer working with a wide variety of local, regional, and national artists. Some of Jim’s credits include Welshly Arms, The Lighthouse & the Whaler, Ray Flanagan and The Authorities, and Ryan Humbert.

Jim began his career studying at the Recording Workshop in Chillicothe, Ohio. Then went from intern to staff engineer at Metrosync studios and Ante Up Audio, after which he moved on to freelance engineering working out of many major studios in Northeast Ohio. Jim finally made his mark on Cleveland’s music scene and built his own studio in the heart of downtown Cleveland​.

Jim produces, engineers, and mixes records comfortably in a variety of styles like Rock, Jazz, Soul, and Americana weaving from productions that feature groovy live bands to productions that involve building a track from the drums up.

A decade ago I produced a record for an Akron/Cleveland artist named Ryan Humbert, called Old Souls New Shoes, which was recently re released for it’s tenth anniversary. Ryan has also been recording with Jim locally, and when I heard the awesome work they were doing I knew I would want to have Jim on the show to talk about making great records up in Cleveland, and how he is getting such great sounds from his studio.

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