RSR167 - Nikolay Georgiev - Capturing and Recreating Reverbs From Secret Spaces Around the World. - Recording Studio Rockstars

RSR167 – Nikolay Georgiev – Capturing and Recreating Reverbs From Secret Spaces Around the World.

Nikolay took us on a journey to capture the very best reverb samples in exotic spaces around the world, and showed us how to create our own reverbs as well. Plus lots of other stuff like recording classical music, the meaning of proximity effect, and why stereo ribbons mics sound so great!

My guest today is Nikolay Georgiev, a London based engineer, producer and plug-in developer. Nik is also an experienced lecturer in Sound Engineering and Music Production and a past chairman of the AES UK section.

He is engaged closely with Acustica Audio, both as internal and external 3rd party plug-in developer. As such he took a major role in the creation of plug-ins such as Lime, Navy, Cream and some of the modules in Pink. Nik currently works on his own line of plug-ins based on Acustica’s tech.

I discovered Nik one day browsing Facebook and seeing him post videos from exotic spaces with incredible reverbs from around the world. You might find him firing a gun in a long industrial tunnel under a mountain somewhere or popping a balloon in a beautiful church. I have always found this kind of thing fascinating. So I knew we would want to learn more about his adventures to capture and recreate reverbs from secret spaces around the world.

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