RSR169 – Eric Sarafin aka Mixerman – Musician’s Survival Guide To A Killer Record - Recording Studio Rockstars

RSR169 – Eric Sarafin aka Mixerman – Musician’s Survival Guide To A Killer Record

Eric Sarafin aka Mixerman talked about his new book Musician's Survival Guide To A Killer Record, the importance (or lack) of mixing and mastering, why you want width in your mixes, understanding frequencies, compression in threes, and his favorites mics.

My guest today is Eric Sarafin aka Mixerman, a gold and platinum award winning record producer and mixer. He has worked with many nationally known acts, including The Pharcyde, Tone Loc, Ben Harper, Lifehouse, Nine Days, Barenaked Ladies, Amy Grant, and Foreigner, just to name a few. After 25 years based out of Los Angeles, Eric is now living in Asheville NC, where he produces and mixes records out of several world class recording facilities located there.

Eric is also a published author and has written several books under the pen name of Mixerman about recording, producing, and mixing. It all began with The Daily Adventures Of Mixerman chronicling his recording journey in the studio. He then went on to write Zen And The Art Of Recording, Producing, and Mixing as three separate books after that, which I highly recommend reading.

And now he has come out with his most recent book presented as a field manual for the studio called: Musician’s Survival Guide To A Killer Record.

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