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RSR176 – Daniel Tashian – Writing Great Songs In Nashville

Daniel talked about co-writing with artists in Nashville, capturing inspired musical ideas, how to push though tough lyrics, and using Ableton Live, Logic and Pro Tools in a writing studio context. Plus lots of other cool stuff!

My guest today is Daniel Tashian is a Gammy nominated producer, musician, and song writerwho started early in his career with a deal at Elektra Records at 19 years old. He grew up in a musical family. Daniel’s father opened for the Beatles at Shea Stadium. Daniel did a record with T-Bone Burnett but it did not get traction. After his deal ended, Daniel went back to art school to study photography, but soon he was back into music again and started various musical projects:

  • He played guitar on Patty Griffin's album "Flaming Red"
  • He had an alt rock band called "The Umbrellas" that was very influenced by the Soft Boys. 
  • He then started a band called The Silver Seas with Jason Lehning (episode 74) in 1999. Their second album did well in the U.K. including a gig on the Jules Holland Show. 
  • Daniel had his first #1 Country song with “Hometown Girl” by Josh Turner co-written with Marc Beeson
  • Daniel co-produced Kacey Musgrave’s critically acclaimed and CMA and Grammy nominated album Golden Hour & also co-wrote 7 of the album’s 13 songs.

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