RSR182 – Pete Johns – How To Make Records On Your iPhone – Studio Live Today - Recording Studio Rockstars

RSR182 – Pete Johns – How To Make Records On Your iPhone – Studio Live Today

Pete teaches mobile recording at his Youtube channel, Studio Live Today, and talked about making records using a simple iPhone studio from song idea to finished master! Learn how to record, edit, mix, and master in Garage Band iOS.

My guest today is Pete Johns, a singer-songwriter, recording enthusiast and music educator from Adelaide, South Australia. Pete played in bands and dabbled in recording in the 90s, before a full-time career and family put music on the back-burner.

Twenty years later, Pete started getting back into writing, playing and recording music, starting out using Cakewalk and eventually Reaper to record on his PC, before discovering that he could record directly on his mobile device. Since falling in love with mobile music creation Pete has since released nine singles, an EP and in 2018 released his first full-length album "Self(ish) Aware", all recorded 100% in GarageBand on iPhone and iPad.

While recording in GarageBand, Pete became frustrated with the lack of tutorials and instructional videos online that focused on mobile recording, especially using iOS, so he started his own website, blog and YouTube Channel, Studio Live Today. Pete has since created more than 400 videos focused on helping folks who want to create, record and release their own music.

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