RSR192 – Wyn Davis – Recording 80s & 90s Punk, Hair Metal, and Post Punk Bands at Total Access Recording in Redondo Beach CA - Recording Studio Rockstars

RSR192 – Wyn Davis – Recording 80s & 90s Punk, Hair Metal, and Post Punk Bands at Total Access Recording in Redondo Beach CA

Wyn talked about what he learned from Ken Scott (who recorded the Beatles), and his studio Total Access Recording in Redondo beach CA where bands like Black Flag, Husker Du, Great White, Dokken, and then No Doubt, and Sublime all made genre defining records. Wyn also shared some great stories and tips on recording drums and guitars.

My guest today is Wyn Davis and I am going to read his bio to you know because it tells his story well:

I started playing guitar when I was 10. I grew up in Southern California and was influenced by all the music that was created here and in Northern California. Beachboys, Doors, Canned Heat, Spirit, Jefferson Airplane, Frank Zappa, all of it. I think the releases of 1967-1968, the folk music, the rock music, the psychedelic music, the British invasion, all of it was the foundation of my ear. I played in bands and in 1974 moved to New York and performed throughout the North East at over 200 colleges and universities.

In 1981 I opened my studio in Redondo Beach, California and named it Total Access after a backstage pass I’d been given a few weeks earlier by George Massenburg when he was mixing FOH for Earth Wind and Fire. I imagined I’d be able to record my own music but quickly found out that keeping a studio open required clients. By word of mouth, the studio gained a reputation as a place where young bands could record in professionally designed space and come away with competitive results. 

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