RSR193 – Mike Indovina – Mastering Your Mixing Mindset - Recording Studio Rockstars

RSR193 – Mike Indovina – Mastering Your Mixing Mindset

Mike talked about the 6 important steps for mixing, moving from hardware to plugins, reverb vs delay, the problem with looking for problems, how to eq vocals, getting low end right in your mix, and the importance of guitar strums, plus lots more!

My guest today is Mike Indovina, a recording, mixing and mastering engineer based out of Toronto, Canada. He also runs the website where he shares many of the lessons he's learned throughout his audio career to help thousands of musicians and engineers create better mixes that they're proud of. In addition, he hosts the MasterYourmix Podcast where he has interviewed many top-level audio engineers including Sylvia Massey, Nick Raskulinecz, David Bottrill, and more.

With an interest in pop-punk and rock music, Mike got his start as a drummer, having spent the first decade of his career playing and touring with bands. 

Most recently, Mike released a brand new book called "The Mixing Mindset - The Step-By-Step Formula For Creating Professional Rock Mixes From Your Home Studio". This book quickly became a #1 best seller on Amazon. This book aims to provide people with a complete understanding of the tools, workflow, and mindset needed to create polished mixes with confidence, speed, and ease.

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