RSR202 – Nick Lobel – From Mix Assistant To Pro Mixer - Recording Studio Rockstars

RSR202 – Nick Lobel – From Mix Assistant To Pro Mixer

Nick talked about how to setup home studio monitors, Using Ableton Live with Pro Tools, how to be a mix assistant, the complete mixing template breakdown, and a variety of plugins and mix tricks that you need to know about!

My guest today is Nick Lobel a Nashville producer, engineer, and song writer who started out touring and recording with MI-based rock band, Monsters and Mannequins before moving to Nashville to pursue a career in music production. Following his studies at Belmont University, and internships at The Toy Box, Station West, and Ocean Way Nashville, Lobel cut his teeth as an assistant to mix engineer Sean Moffitt. 

In 2016 Lobel began working with songwriter/producer Tyler Johnson. Under Tyler’s wing, Lobel has worked on artist projects including Sam Smith, Meghan Trainor, Harry Styles, Cam, and The Head And The Heart. Over the past year Lobel has been further honing his chops, producing and developing the artist Alec Bailey whose debut EP has already amassed over 4M streams. 

When Nick was at Belmont he also interned with me here at The Toy Box Studio and was one of the best interns I have ever had. He has assisted and engineered for me on many projects and has also been part of my team at the Bonnaroo Hay Bale Studio.

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Producer, Engineer, Mixer

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Engineer, Drum Programming

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Engineer, Mixer

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