RSR203 – Langston Masingale – Make Your DAW Sound Like Analog Tape with Zulu - Recording Studio Rockstars

RSR203 – Langston Masingale – Make Your DAW Sound Like Analog Tape with Zulu

Langston talked about creating the sound of analog tape with Zulu, the importance of bonding with bands before hitting record, how to politely be an asshole in the studio, and how to get amazing inspired drum sounds so you never use triggers.

My guest today is Langston Masingale who started working in recording studios 25 years ago at age 16 in his uncle’s studio in New Jersey. He went on to help start JJ Audio Mics in 2009. In 2014, he struck out on his own and invented what would become the core technology of his tape-emulation product, Zulu. He formed Handsome Audio in 2015 with his partner Tod Levine, and they released Zulu that same year. 

Langston also owns a recording studio, Narrative Audio, in Syracuse, New York, where he produces and records artists. 

He loves to create new and interesting tools for the modern recording engineers and producers. And his early exposure to analog tape has guided and shaped his sonic perspective in a world of digital audio.

A big thank you to Alan Evans for introducing us. And also make sure to check out Matt Boudreau’s new book from Working Class Audio Jornal Volume 1 where you can read his interview with Langston too.

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