RSR214 – Kim Rosen – Mastering Grammy Winning Records from a Home Studio - Recording Studio Rockstars

RSR214 – Kim Rosen – Mastering Grammy Winning Records from a Home Studio

​Kim talked about rising from intern to mastering engineer with Alan Douches, how getting fired was the best opportunity for success, building Knack Mastering and Whitestone Audio, and how to get the lows and highs right on your record. Plus lots more...

My guest today is Kim Rosen a mastering engineer working out of her own studio, Knack Mastering, located in Ringwood, NJ. Kim’s mastered six Grammy® nominated albums in the past four years; one winning for Best Folk Album (Aimee Mann), three nominated in Best Blues Album categories (Bettye LaVette, Victor Wainwright and Theresa James) as well as two nominations in the Best Engineered Album/Non-Classical category (Bonnie Raitt and The Milk Carton Kids).

Kim grew up in Northampton, Massachusetts and poured herself into the vibrant college music scene. In the summer of 2002, a friend turned her on to a mastering studio in NJ that was looking for an intern. Kim jumped at the opportunity, moved to NJ and began her journey at West West Side Music with Alan Douches (RSR092).

In 2009, after working her way up to Staff Mastering Engineer at West West Side, Kim decided to go out on her own and has built a growing list of clients that includes producers and engineers such as Ryan Freeland, Ed Cherney, Joe Henry, Matt Ross-Spang, Paul Q. Kolderie and artists such as Rhiannon Giddens, Aimee Mann, Belly, Bonnie Raitt, Billy Bragg, Wynonna Judd, The Birds of Chicago, The Barr Brothers, Over The Rhine, Sarah Jaffe, Anthony Green and Title Fight. 

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