RSR215 – Jessica Tomasin – Managing Echo Mountain Studios in Asheville NC - Recording Studio Rockstars

RSR215 – Jessica Tomasin – Managing Echo Mountain Studios in Asheville NC

Jessica talked about working with studio designer George Augspurger to build Echo Mountain, how to start studio business successfully, how to promote your music effectively and how music can heal the body, mind, and soul. Plus so much more..

My guest today is Jessica Tomasin, manager at Echo Mountain Recording Studios in beautiful Asheville NC. Under her direction, the studio has evolved into a world-class destination featuring a full range of digital and analog capabilities with an amazing selection of gear and a wide variety of credits like War On Drugs, The Avett Brothers, Dierks Bentley, Iron and Wine, Flogging Molly, Steve Martin & The Steep Canyon Rangers, and many more. And through volunteering and establishing private companies and non-profit organizations, she is committed to helping the future of music and promoting the city as a musical destination. 

Jessica also co-founded the Asheville Music Professionals, a non-profit organization committed to providing education, advocacy, connection, and collaboration in the music community. She is also the co-owner of ACME, a publishing company that helps to connect artists with licensing opportunities. 

In 2013 she was chosen as Entrepreneur of the Year by the City of Asheville/Chamber of Commerce for her work in music. In 2014 she started Jet Up Productions, a full service event management and production company, and has curated a number of festivals and events each year such as The Breeder’s Cup, Asheville Goombay Festival, Beer City Festival, Brewgrass, RHS Community Foundation Fundraiser featuring Gladys Knight and Little Big Town, and many other projects. Her latest event, Connect Beyond Festival, is an arts and literature festival featuring creative talent from around the world with a mission to inspire change for social justice through music, film, art and literature. 

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