RSR216 – Chris Finney – Recording Dr John, The Meters, BB King, and the Rebirth Brass Band in New Orleans - Recording Studio Rockstars

RSR216 – Chris Finney – Recording Dr John, The Meters, BB King, and the Rebirth Brass Band in New Orleans

Chris talked about the music and studio scene in New Orleans, how to build a custom guitar amp isolation box for your studio, how to record sax like John Coltrane, recording The Meters and how he got Lucille to sound just right for BB King!

My guest today is Chris Finney a Grammy Winning Producer, Engineer, and Mixer. He is a life long advocate of music and business education, on both the High School and College levels.  

His 25+ years in the recording studio include dates with Robert Plant, B.B. King, Herbie Hancock, and New Orleans legends Dr. John, Harry Connick, Jr., Allen Toussaint, the Meters, and Fats Domino.  He has been instrumental in kicking off and developing the recording careers of New Orleans funk-rock mainstays Galactic, Trombone Shorty, The Revivalists, Naughty Professor, and newcomers like SexualThunder! and Organized Crime.  

In 2017, He co-founded the non-profit 30AMP Circuit, with renowned guitarist Charlie Hunter. 30AMP’s mission is to bring music from underserved communities around the world into the mainstream.  Their first project brought them to rural Southeast Mexico to produce “Lo Sagrado,” by Silvana Estrada, which was released in November, 2017.  

Chris is currently adjunct professor of Music business at Tulane University in New Orleans, and is an active member of the Memphis Chapter of the Recording Academy, currently serving as a Chapter Governor, as well as Co-Chair of the Producers and Engineers wing.

A big thanks to Emile Louapre, for introducing me to Chris to bring him on the show.

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