RSR218 – Dr Ford – How to Mix in a Pro or Home Studio from an Award Winning Mixer - Recording Studio Rockstars

RSR218 – Dr Ford – How to Mix in a Pro or Home Studio from an Award Winning Mixer

Dr Ford talked about radio in Europe, business tips for your studio, and a deep dive into mixing including lessons learned from Jack Joseph Puig, Michael Brauer, mix templates, easy powerful drums and bass, and how to setup your eq and compression.

My guest today is Daniel Ford aka “Dr Ford”, 6 x Award Winning Producer and Mixer with music at #1 on iTunes, & the Billboard Top 20. Daniel has Studio C of the world-famous Sound Kitchen Studios here in Nashville and has been on the show with us before for episode RSR136 to talk share some great tips for vocal mixing.

We also covered Daniels recording journey studying under west coast legends Ronnie King and DJ BattleCat of Tupac, Snoop, & Dr Dre cred. So go back and check out that episode to learn more. But today we decided to bring Dr Ford back to focus strictly on mixing in your home studio. Lets learn what we can about taking the tracks that you have or that people send you and mixing the drums, bass, guitars, keys, and vocals to sound like a polished mix.

Were going to dig into each element of a mix and break down some of the challenges and solutions that you might run when mixing. Dr Ford has lots of experience teaching online and in person. So if you want to follow up this interview to learn more then make sure to check out his website at or go visit his Youtube channel where he does regular videos including a new series called The Dr’s Office.

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