RSR226 – Alex Oana – Which Mic Should You Buy? Audio Test Kitchen - Recording Studio Rockstars

RSR226 – Alex Oana – Which Mic Should You Buy? Audio Test Kitchen

Alex talked about making records at the old Twin Tone studio in MN, recording perfectly identical drums with robots, how you can find the ideal microphone for your studio at Audio Test Kitchen and much more.

My guest today is Alex Oana, an engineer, producer originally from Minneapolis now living in Los Angeles. From his studios, in both locations, he has produced hundreds of records over 30 years and been the recipient of 11 Minnesota Music Awards. 

Alex is also the creator and co-founder with Ian Hlatky of Audio Test Kitchen, an online resource for seeing, hearing, and auditioning over 300 microphones from the comfort of your own studio. Intending to solve the frustrating experience of wanting to know what a microphone or any piece of audio gear sounds like before committing to what can often be an expensive purchase for your studio. Alex decided to create a place where you can go now to check out a product for your studio that you might be considering and make comparisons until you find the right fit just like a pair of jeans at your favorite store. Or even just go there to have fun listening to what all the different mics sound like to satisfy your curiosity.

Today we’ll talk with Alex about what it took to create the world’s first online pro audio showroom, what you can find there now, and what you can expect to find there in the future. And also how you can use this knowledge to help you make better records in your studio.

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