RSR246 – Chris Shaw – Recording and Mixing with Public Enemy, Weezer, Ric Ocasek, and Jeff Buckley - Recording Studio Rockstars

RSR246 – Chris Shaw – Recording and Mixing with Public Enemy, Weezer, Ric Ocasek, and Jeff Buckley

Chris talked about the smart way to start a mix, recording Jeff Buckley, Public Enemy, playing bass with De La Soul and LL Cool J, lessons learned from Ric Ocasek and Mutt Lange, when to fire and hire a new assistant, and much more!

My guest today is Chris Shaw a four-time Grammy Award-winning American producer, engineer, mixer, and musician. Beginning his career at Greene Street Recording, he quickly worked his way from his start as an NYU intern, to assistant engineer, to a position as a staff engineer working with influential hip-hop artists such as Public Enemy, A Tribe Called Quest, Run-DMC, and LL Cool J.

In 1991 he played bass with LL Cool J on his famous performance on MTV Unplugged (along with De La Soul, MC Lyte, and A Tribe Called Quest). He went independent shortly after and has since made records with Weezer, Wilco, Bob Dylan, Ween, Jeff Buckley, Soul Asylum, Sheryl Crow, Super Furry Animals, Death Cab For Cutie, Lou Reed, Bad Brains, Ric Ocasek, Cheap Trick, Elvis Perkins, Joss Stone, The Meat Puppets, Nada Surf, Dashboard Confessional, and The Derek Trucks Band. He has worked on six of Rolling Stone's "500 greatest Records of All Time".

Originally based in New York, Chris relocated to the Austin, Texas area in 2013.

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